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Creative recycling
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Craftman work for custom made space fit up. We work from architect plan and design your interior arrangements and decoration. We design your POP with customized laser carving.

Standard furniture

The furnitures from our four ranges has precise dimensions fitting human conditions. It gives an idea of every volume and serves as a base for your space planning.


We rent furnitures from the standardised ranges for your events, tradeshows, weddings.

Custom made space fit out

We provide a service from brainstorming around your ideas and ambiances to final installation on site.


We guide you into creating scenography for shows and events.


We are cradled in contradictions, we strive for local production and consumptions, but we want to work on a big scale in order to gather opportunities and implement creative recycling solutions. We are a company that works as a non profit. We are locals within every puslation of our ecosystem.

Custom made

Every creations, space planning and creative recycling programs are unique and custom made.


Craftmens of change is nowdays a popular saying. We handcraft everything from sewing, carving, business card production or photoshoots. Wood Stock Creation, craftmens from the sixth continent.


We only use glues, paint, varnish certified organic. If you need advises on what to use for your home and furnitures, contact us !

Creative Recycling label

We strive for providing a framework around creative recycling activities allowing to develop a “circular economy” and foster an industry at the service of all living things. Yet not so easy to develop, we want it to be the work of collaboration of all actors in this sector. No label worth more than your commitment, it’s just the best way to speak it out loud.

1 Material potential estimate

Evaluate the waste potential means to estimate the possibilities to reusing materials into creative recycling solutions.

2 Divert

We put together product divertion chains to avoid them diving into the waste stream. They are severals ways to collect; in shop, at your offices, your warehouse or from individuals.

3 Eco Design

We design new purpose to your materials, give it a try !  The ecodesign term is not correct to use for what we do but it is the best to place creative recycling and reusing into people’s mind.

4 Reuse

Reusing is made to prevent waste dumping. It has a lot to play in the waste management strategies. The aim of this process is to find solutions to bring materials back into your daily use. It makes responsibility rhyming with simplicity and added value echoing with sincerity.

5 Remarketing

Ecodesign goes along with thinking the new distribution process. Bring solutions to distribut products steming from creative recycling. Either directly in your shops, to your clients as POP or in your office.


Out of use, old, obselet, that is often how used and poorly manufactured products are named of. But those products deserve surviving the law of short life cycles. We reuse resources to help us all move toward a circular economy and a good industry. We work closely with non profits like Moutain Riders or Prioriterre to educate poeple around reusing in order to prevente the expansion of the sixth continent.

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